What is Channel info

Here you can see all kinds of information about the current channel. If you admin permissions, you can edit this information.

These are the channel info options:

  • Channel Name: The name of the channel, how users see the title and find the channel via search.

  • Topic: The topic shows next to the title on the channel header. Great for giving more info about the channel.

  • Announcement: Announcements post in a bar under the channel header.

  • Description: The description of the channel.

  • Private: Tells whether a channel is private, and can set the channel to private or public.

  • Read Only: Tells whether a channel is read-only, and toggles the read-only status on the channel. In read-only channels, only people with admin permissions can post messages. Good for announcements channels.

  • Archived: Tells if a channel is archived, and toggles the archived status of a channel. Nobody can post messages in an archived channel, and channel search will not find that channel.

  • Password: Tells whether a channel has a password and let you set the password. If a channel has a password, other users need to enter the password to become a member of the channel.

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