Changing Preferences

In preferences, you can make the following changes

  • Language: Setup the language you wish to see on OrgChat

  • Global Settings: Remove yourself from list of group(s)

  • Auto Away setup: Setup the time on which OrgChat should mark you as Away if there is no activity on the Channels

  • Notifications: Govern how you would want the notifications to be seen and for how long. You can also mark when you would want to see the notification.

  • Messages Delivery and View: Setup how the messages are seen, Time format, Emoji displays, Avatars displays, Username and role displays and how to send the message.

  • Sidebar options: If you want to see the discussions of groups on sidebar. You can activate the setup here.

  • Highlights: You can setup when the highlight trigger should be generated. Whether on name mention, a particular phrase, or an important topic under discussion.

  • Sounds on Notifications: Whenever the message is delivered, what sound it should play, the volume and which conversations to mute. You can setup those here.

  • Export your Data: All the conversations and data can be exported either as HTML or JSON which can be used to integrate with other systems.

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