What are Prune Messages

  • If you are a server admin, or your admin has given you the clean-channel-history permission, the prune messages option allows you to delete messages from a channel swiftly.
Note: Messages and files deleted with this option are deleted forever and cannot be recovered.
Use the following parameters to delete specific messages:
  • Newer than: Deletes all messages posted after a particular date.
  • Older than: Deletes all messages posted before a particular date.
Fill dates for both the Newer than and Older than fields to delete all messages.
  • Users: Allows you to specify any users to delete the content. When filled with a username, that user’s messages deleted.
Refine the parameters above with the following options. Check each to enable:
  • Inclusive: Deletes all messages that land on the exact start/end times you have specified in the Newer than and Older than fields.
  • Exclude pinned messages: Do not delete pinned messages.
  • Only remove the attached files, keep messages: Removes files but not the messages themselves