Basic Search Commands

You can use these commands before or after entering search terms:

  • from:me to search for messages only created by the current user.

  • to search for messages created by a specific user. The username entered must be the format without spaces (i.e., “john.doe” and not “John Doe.”) Search for any mentions of a user by searching for their username.

  • has:star returns messages that are starred by the current user.

  • is:pinned or has:pin returns messages that pin in the current channel.

  • has:url or has:link returns messages that contain a link.

  • has:location or has:map returns messages that have a location attached.

  • before:dd/mm/yyyy, after:dd/mm/yyyy and on:dd/mm/yyyy return message that were created before, after, or on the provided date. Dashes dd-mm-yyyy or dots can be used instead of slashes. order:asc, order:ascend, or order:ascending sorts messages by ascending timestamp.

  • order:desc, order:descend, or order:descending sorts messages by descending timestamp. You can also jump to where a message is located by hovering the mouse over the search result and selecting jump to message.

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